All of our leather belts are made from the highest grade full grain leather. These are customized leather belts made to your custom measurement. Prices are determined by style, belt width and if you include a buckle or not. Prices range from $55 - $95 depending on the style of belt and the options you choose. Final price will be calculated after choosing your options.   

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of measuring your new belt correctly. Sizing your belt is critical and is your responsibility. Remember each belt is handcrafted from the information you give us. If you have any questions concerning sizing, please give us a call.  It is your responsibility to give us the correct size based on your measurements and our guidelines.

Over time, leather belts tend to stretch. It’s good to keep in mind that a belt that fits snugly initially will likely wear more comfortably down the road.

Most belts are over size 34”. For belt orders between 26”-33” we will be calling you to confirm your size measurements to ensure a good and proper fit. Minimum size: 26” Maximum size: 70”

Custom Leather Belts

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